Ready to Cheer on
Your Young Athlete?

Learn about our youth athletic programs in Danbury, CT

Every child can get something out of sports, from learning teamwork and socializing to improving their coordination and fitness. That's why Danbury Police Activities League offers year-round and seasonal youth sports programs in Danbury, CT for kids of all ages. Whether your child has been in sports for years or is new to athletics, we have a program that they can participate in.

If you're interested in signing up for a seasonal or annual youth athletic program, contact us today. We look forward to helping you find the right program for your child.

Help your child chase their athletic dreams

Most children have a hero that they look up to. If your son or daughter wants to follow in a professional athlete's footsteps, sign them up for a youth athletic program.

Does your child dream about:

  • Hitting home runs like Babe Ruth?
  • Shooting hoops like LeBron James?
  • Pitching fastballs like Jennie Finch?
Help them chase their dreams by signing them up for a local team. We also have programs for cheerleading, swimming, wrestling, dodgeball and volleyball.

If you have questions about our year-round or seasonal youth sports programs, call 203-778-4725 now.

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